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AirFit F30 Compete Full Face Mask

AirFit F30 Compete Full Face Mask

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Note: This masks contains magnets and may interfere with medical device implants. Please refer to ResMed’s Field Safety Notice here for more information.


  • Smaller style full face mask will cover less of your face, leaving less marks. 
  • Design allows for the use of glasses
  • Quieter than other similar models
  • Universal sized headgear

This mask is an improved model of other full face masks. The combination of an under the nose mask with the features of a full face mask allows the user to feel less claustrophobic and the ability to wear glasses. 

The F30 mask has a QuietAir ventilation system which evenly disperses exhaled air resulting in less sound.

The mask easily disconnects from the hose with a single click for ease of use in the event the patient needs to get up in the night. 

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